"Involve our community in sustaining and safeguarding our environment." This simple excerpt from the ISM School Mission Statement highlights the fact that sustainability lies at the core of our school's vision. For this reason, in SY 2012-2013 the ISM community based SIP Initiative investigated and analyzed our existing levels of sustainability to innovate strategies for continual improvement in this area. This blog serves to share the SIP Initiatives' history, innovations and methods for integrating SIP data into the classroom.

  • Ongoing SIP Initiatives

    NATURE: "Bright Ideas" - Solar panels

    ECONOMY: "Copycats"- managing paper consumption

    SOCIETY: "Transportation "- investigating community perceptions of the bus

    WELL-BEING: "Quantifying well-being"- analyzing survey results

Origins of SIP

The SIP initiative emerged in the ISM community at the end of the SY 2011-2013. Click here to learn more about it's origins, structure, participants and methodology.

Ongoing SIP Initiatives

Since the conclusion of the first SIP Pyramid Planning process, four key initiatives have emerged in our community to address perceived needs in strategic ways. Click here to learn about these four initiatives, including access to the live data for each respective sustainability indicator.

Curricular and Co-curricular Tools

One of the wonderful things about SIP@ISM is that it provides us with authentic and immediately relevant information about our own community! This is useful for engaging students, both in and outside the classroom, with real data and real opportunities to create change.